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What is a short run for custom CDs and DVDs?

A short run is the heart of CD and DVD business and refers to a small order, usually under 1,000 disks. Most customers aren’t looking for a mega order of CDs or DVDs, so short runs are pretty common in this industry.

We’re telling you this because we want you to know most custom CD and DVD companies welcome your small orders – short runs really are the heart of our business. Of course there are companies that look for just the mega orders – tens, even hundreds of thousands of custom CDs or DVDs – but they’re just a few.

Okay, so now you know a short run refers to the size of an order, typically less than 1,000 and more often less than 500 custom CDs and DVDs. And some orders are for as few as 100 custom disks. Why do people need short runs of custom CDs and DVDs? Plenty of reasons!


  • Trade shows

When that serious visitor comes to your booth, you want to hand them something special with even more materials than the casual visitor wants. That’s why many customers order 100 to 500 custom CDs or DVDs. They’re easy to pack, easy to ship and easy to grab and hand out.

  • Training

Most of us don’t work with more than a few dozen or few hundred trainees at a time, and that situation is just asking for a short run of CDs or DVDs uploaded with all your training materials and videos.

  • Education

It’s another semester of smiling faces because you ordered a short run of custom CDs with all the course materials – syllabus, study notes and test dates – uploaded to them. You can hand out DVDs with instructional videos or other materials too. Sweet!

  • Corporations

There are so many uses for short run CDs or DVDs in the business world, for meeting materials, blank custom-branded disks, new hire information, instructional videos, data storage… the list goes on and on!

  • Data archiving

Want a convenient, economical format for data archival? With a short run of CDs or DVDs you can simply transfer your electronic data – or scanned hard copies – right to your custom disks. Can you imagine the space you’ll save? Better yet, think of how easy data retrieval will be when it’s on custom disks!

  • Conferences

You just don’t need thousands of custom CDs or DVDs for that upcoming conference – but a short run would be ideal for the few hundred you expect to distribute. Perfect!

  • Recruiting

How important is that recruit to your future? Is he or she worth a few dollars for a custom CD or DVD? You bet! And your custom disk will include all the details, photos and videos that will make your presentation perfect.

Short runs are the heart of our business in the custom CD and DVD industry because they meet your needs – our customers. So when you see a need rise for a short run of disks, don’t hesitate to place an order – you’ll be glad you did!

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