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Talk about short run CD duplication projects

Let’s talk about short run CD duplication projects today. Do you have a small duplication project you need to get done? We’re actually pretty great at short runs. You don’t have to worry your job’s too small to bother doing well; we hold our standard consistently throughout everything we do – short run CD duplication, mega projects and everything in between. And you might be surprised at our short run experience…


What’s the temperature today at your house or office? I’m writing this in the North, but it’s barely below freezing here – but back to short runs. The next short run I complete will be out of the shop and totally voluntary. I’ll be jumping in a frozen lake (they’ll cut a hole first!), then making a short run to the hot tub . . . all to raise money for a great charity! And, no, I won’t be duplicating that run.

What’s your next short run CD duplication going to be? Call us – we’ll give you a quote that’ll have you singin’ like you’re already in the hot tub!

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