Amaray CD cases and boxes - CD in Amaray Case


Amaray Case

100 CDs for $160

Ready in 5 Days!

Amaray cases provide the ultimate protection for your CDs and DVDs. Inside the case, the semi-flexible plastic casing allows ample room for each disc and will accommodate additional sleeves for more CDs and DVDs. The disc snaps in place inside the case with the data completely protected.

The Amaray’s outer case is wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve that holds and protects your printed media, front, back and endcap. That means you have plenty of square inches to print your branding, contents, logos, graphics.

Each disc of your CD/DVD, blu-ray discs order will be snapped safely in its own Amaray case wrapped with your custom printing, the ultimate CD and DVD packaging. The rectangular cases are easy to stack, lightweight for shipping and of course provides the ultimate protection for your CDs and DVDs.

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