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25 drives for $7.25 (1GB, Laser engraved)

Laser engraving is the premiere branding choice in the flash drive industry. Laser engraving provides the sharpest edges, best-defined borders and cleanest look of any branding options today. Laser engraving provides a permanent image on your flash drive that cannot be washed off, scratched off or removed.

How does it work? Your project begins with an idea. We take your ideas to the computer where we proof, edit and prep them for engraving on your flash drives. Once your image is ready, we load it into the software, place the flash drives onto the engraving machine bed and begin.

Laser engraving utilizes a concentrated energy beam to engrave the surface of the flash drive. Like the laser pointers used to draw attention to a specific point in a presentation, laser engraving technology uses a beam of light to “scratch” the surface of the flash drive and engrave your logo, artwork or copy.

Your flash drives are in place, the computer is waiting for your go, and we hit enter. The laser head begins passing over the flash drives, back and forth. With each pass, it etches one sharp, precise, narrow line of your image, and continues until your image is complete.

The laser engraving head follows the specific parameters of your image as it is loaded in the computer software. Then the computer precisely controls the head’s movements to provide the sharp, clean look of laser engraving. A laser engraving head can work at very fast speeds and before you know it, the work is done!

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Personilized USB Flash Drives Personilized USB Flash Drives
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