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Vinyl Record Pressing

Custom Vinyl Record pressing, packaging & printing made easy

In an age of digital downloads, vinyl is still going strong. In fact, vinyl record sales grew by 4.2% in 2022 which translates into 43.46 million albums sold in 2022. So, why not give your fans what they really want–great sounding music playing on their turntable. No matter if you’re releasing a full LP or dropping a single, turn to MediaXpress to create your own custom vinyl album

12 Inch Jackets

  • • 12” Vinyl Records Black 140g
  • • Full Color Center Labels
  • • 12” Blank White Inner Sleeve
  • • 12” Full Color Record Jackets

12 Inch Gatefold Jackets

  • • 12” Vinyl Records Black 140g
  • • Full Color Center Labels
  • • 12” Blank White Inner Sleeve
  • • 12” Full Color Gatefold Record Jackets

Color Vinyl

Pressing color vinyl records has become a captivating trend in the music industry. These vibrant discs, infused with striking hues, offer collectors and audiophiles a visually enticing and unique listening experience. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, colored vinyl pressings often come in limited editions, adding a collectible allure to the music they hold, making them a cherished addition to any vinyl enthusiast's collection. GET CUSTOM QUOTE

Why You Should Press Your Next Album on Vinyl?

Vinyl has undergone a renaissance in recent years, and more and more people are buying turntables and collecting records. If you’re a musician, this is good news for you! Pressing your music on vinyl is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience. There are many benefits to pressing your album on vinyl. For one, it’s a physical product that fans can hold and collect. It’s also a great marketing tool – you can brand your records with custom artwork and color vinyl, and people will remember your music because it’s something they can see and touch.
Pressing your album on vinyl is another marketing tool and money maker. In addition to selling CDs or digital downloads, now you can easily and affordably add vinyl records to your list of available merch.
If you’re looking for a way to reach new fans and grow your career, press your next album on vinyl!

They're Just So Dang Cool

Vinyl records are cool. In a sea of digital music, vinyl stands out as a physical product that collectors can hold and cherish. This has helped boost sales of vinyl over the past few years. People are more likely to pick up your album if it has been pressed on vinyl – not to mention it looks cool to have a stack of your own records in your living room. Vinyl also has a certain nostalgic feel to it. People remember fondly the days of big record players, and the warm sound of vinyl. When they see your record in a store or at a show, they're likely to recall what it was like to listen to their favorite albums on vinyl. This sentimentality might give them a reason to pick up your album.

You Can Really Show Off Your Artwork

Album art is an important part of music, and it's especially important on vinyl records. Vinyl is big enough that you can actually put a lot of artwork on the record. The front and back covers, the spines, and the inner sleeves all offer potential for artwork. You can print custom artwork for each aspect and take advantage of the size of vinyl records to really make a statement. Other options include deluxe packages that come with posters and other goodies; people are often willing to pay more for a really cool vinyl package. Remember, you can also use different colors of vinyl – black, clear, splatter, and so on – to show your band’s personality. These are great for bonus records that come with the album or for something special you give to your superfans.

The Sound Quality is to Die For

While some people say that vinyl sounds better than CDs and digital downloads, that’s not necessarily true. Vinyl records aren’t better, just different. Vinyl caters to the entire hearing frequency range and is often described as having a “warmth” to it. The sound of vinyl is unique and different from the clarity and digital perfection of digital recordings. You can hear the sound of the needle on the record and feel a greater connection with the music that appeals to a niche audience. Consider it as yet another way to share your musical talents.

USB Music Card with 5X5 Jacket

USB Music cards are a compact and convenient way to carry your favorite tunes. These credit card-sized devices pack a punch. Pair it with our 5x5 jackets for your your merchandising. The USB music card alows fans to play your music in their car after one of your shows. Learn More