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Blu-Ray Disc Duplication /Replication And Blank Printed Media Services

Blu Ray Duplication and Replication
Blu Ray Duplication and Replication
Blu Ray Duplication and Replication

MediaXpress can help you with a short run of duplicated Blu-ray discs, a run of 1,000 replicated fully packaged retail Blu-ray discs, discs or we can print custom printed 25Gb or 50Gb blank Blu-ray discs. Need a Blu-ray master? MediaXpress can burn a Blu-ray master from your supplied hard drive. Our Blu-ray discs are printed on our six color, UV cured, digital ink jet disc printer. We’re one of three companies in the country using this technology. Whether your need ten discs for a film premiere or one hundred discs full packaged in Blu-ray, amaray cases MediaXpress is your number one source for Blu-ray manufacturing.

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Notification for submitting master copy:

1. Blu-ray Duplication: Masters must be submitted on BD-R (Not BDCMF).

2. Blu-ray Replication: Masters must be submitted in Cutting Master Format (BDCMF) on removable USB 2.0 drives or as a BDCMF image on BD-R. (Playable BD-Rs are not acceptable for Blu-ray replication).

3. If you are interested in Blu-ray Dual Layer (BD-50), please call 1-800-879-8273 for a custom quote.

Bulk 25GB Blu-Ray Duplication 4 Color Disc Printing:

Production prices include Blu-Ray Duplication and on disc printing. Call us or email us to set up an order!

Quantity Unit Price Total Price
25 $8.75/ea $218.75
50 $6.25/ea $312.50
100 $4.33/ea $433.00
200 $4.28/ea $856.00
300 $4.23/ea $1,269.00
500 $4.20/ea $2100.00
1000+ $4.17/ea $4170.00
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