Six color, UV cured, Digitally Printed Blank CD’s & DVDs

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digital print media
digital print media
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25-49 $0.95 each $0.99 each
50-99 $0.85 each $0.89 each
100-199 $0.65 each $0.69 each
200-999 $0.59 each $0.65 each
1000 $0.39 each $0.51 each
ANY Quantity $2.25 each

The best quality printer in the country for blank printed media MediaXpress is one of the largest screen-printing companies in the country for custom printed blank CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. We have been providing printing and packaging services for forty years. We installed a six-color digital screen printer, which uses an advanced six color, UV cured, inkjet process. We are one of three companies in the country using this digital technology. The disc printing quality is amazing; your discs will look and feel just like a retail disc! And they’re one hundred percent waterproof. This printer is amazing check out the video. Best of all is how little it costs to order 100 discs. We only supply top of the line media, one hundred percent guaranteed.

Variable data and unique barcodes: With the digital technology comes flexibility, no screens or films we can add unique barcodes or variable data to individual discs. Call for a quote: 1-800-879-8273

Free label design tool: Take advantage of our intuitive free disc label design tool and order your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs on line 24/7.

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