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DVD Packaging Services: Wake Up Your Look!

DVD Packaging Services

dvd packaging
dvd packaging
dvd packaging

MediaXpress offers a FREE online design tool to design your cd projects. You can design and print the following products on line 24/7. CD inserts and tray cards for jewel case packaging, CD jackets, 4 panel wallets, digipaks, and amaray cases. Once you have competed your design, you can upload your content files using the MediaXpress file upload tool at the top of the website. We specialize in custom printed short run CD, DVD and Blu-ray products. Our discs are printed using a six-color UV cured ink jet process. We’re one of three companies in the country to utilize this technology. Our in-house printing department utilizes a brand new digital 13 x 19 press for all of your collateral material. The quality is amazing and you can order as little as twenty five units. All our printed products come with a 100 percent guarantee.

Graphics Design: Take advantage of our award winning design department, we make it affordable to produce an album, of which you can be proud. We also offer pre-flight services of your graphic files. All of our design templates are available online

Custom printed packaging: MediaXpress offers custom printed packaging, foil stamped digipaks, embossed 4 panel wallets, posters, call us for a quote if you have an idea on a unique packaging Idea you would like to create.

Upload tool for supplied files: We have a robust 2Gb file upload tool at the top of our website. Enter your estimate number or order number in the subject line and your title, quantity and contact information in the messaging section.

6 key benefit of Our DVD Packaging Services

  • Reduced Environmental Impact:

    Eco-friendly DVD packaging services utilize sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, significantly reducing the negative impact on the environment. This helps conserve natural resources, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize waste.

  • Biodegradability and Recycling:

    Eco-friendly DVD packaging materials are often biodegradable or easily recyclable. This means they can break down naturally over time or be repurposed into new products, reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste in landfills.

  • Enhanced Brand Image:

    Adopting eco-friendly packaging demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, which can enhance your brand's reputation among environmentally conscious consumers. It shows that your company is making efforts to protect the planet.

  • Cost Savings:

    Although some eco-friendly materials might initially seem more expensive, they can lead to cost savings in the long run. For example, utilizing recycled materials or streamlined packaging designs can reduce production costs and shipping expenses.

  • Compliance with Regulations:

    As environmental regulations and consumer demands for sustainable products increase, using eco-friendly DVD packaging services can help ensure your business complies with these evolving standards.

  • Customer Attraction and Loyalty:

    Many consumers prefer eco-friendly products and packaging. By offering DVDs in environmentally friendly packaging, you can attract environmentally conscious customers and build loyalty among existing ones who appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

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