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What is DVD replication anyway? The process of DVD replication begins with making a glass master that will be used to create your DVDs. The glass master is inserted into an injection molding press, where your DVDs are pressed using polycarbonate pellets that are melted and your digital content is embedded into the polycarbonate disc. A reflective layer is added, and a lacquer finish is applied to seal and protect the data. A replicated DVD will play in all DVD players, will last longer, and is less expensive when manufacturing larger quantities of discs.

When should I choose replication over duplication? It depends on the project. If your content is video and you are ordering a thousand discs or more, go with replication. If your content is data, and the life span of the content is less then a year, choose duplication. If you have a new film but you want to make less than a thousand units, choose DVD duplication. There is little or no difference in the performance of a replicated DVDs vs. a duplicated DVDs. Duplication has become important because of changes in the market and the need for shorter runs. The best thing that has happened in our industry is the printing and packaging quality; it has only gotten better and less expensive to produce high quality DVDs. The DVD consumer has never had higher quality products to choose from at such amazing prices.